CEEMS Advisory Group meeting

A CEEMS Advisory Group (AG) meeting
will take place on Tuesday 9 October 2018 from 11:00 to 12:30
at the Radisson Blu Hotel.

Please note that attendance is restricted to members of the CEEMS AG
(see OIML B 19:2017 Terms of Reference for the Advisory Group on matters concerning
Countries and Economies with Emerging Metrology Systems (CEEMS)
for more information).


Letter from the CEEMS AG Chairperson:


Draft Agenda v2 (2018-09-20)


1    Welcome, changes in AG membership, proxies
2 Minutes of the last meeting
3 Report on the OIML Pilot Training Centers (OPTC)
  3.1  Training course in Kenya
  3.2  Training course on pre-packaged goods in Nanning, P.R. China
  3.3  Training course on pre-packaged goods in Cuba
  3.4  Review of OPTC previous trainings
4 Future strategy for Training Centers  (framework)
5 Survey analysis
6 Update on the website
7 CEEMS logo
8 Expert database
9 Revision of D 1 and proposed revisions of D 14 and D 19
10 Report from the BIPM on its CEEMS activities
11 Update of CIML Resolution 2015/10
12 Replacement of CIML Resolution 2015/10
13 Follow-up to the “QI Toolkit” Workshop
14 Development of the AG work plan
15 Report to the CIML on the AG’s activities


Download the Draft Agenda (v2, 2018-09-20) as a PDF file: